Euro Pattern Throw

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European Geometry style sofa cover
Many kinds of different color Colors, showing a road beautiful scenery.
To create a warm heart of the atmosphere.
Thank you very much for the lithe and graceful cloth art achievement our colorful life,
Let us freely enjoy a sense of ease and comfort.
The use is very wide, can be used as the bed cover, bed end, but also for the cover of the sofa, when the table cloth, do the carpet,Are double-sided use Oh, with cotton to enhance!
Also can be changed for the curtain, this gorgeous pattern, to make our home a warm up.
Pieces of material
Cotton thread after sizing slightly tough, due to different styles, different batches of blanket sizing thickness is slightly different, so there will be some soft and hard difference, after the first time in the water will be eased.
Whether it is to do the bed cover, sofa towel, bed end blanket or put in the car, the office, the use of variety, simple!
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The size
With tassel size:
90*90cm,90*150cm,90*180cm,90*210cm,90*240cm,130 * 160cm, 160 * 220cm .(full cover single sofa, double sofa, combined sofa loungers, tablecloths, soft carpet)   ( Manual machine production, and therefore different batches of productsSize may have about 3% errors, is a normal phenomenon

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The chromatism
Online shopping is the problem of color difference, which is inevitable, we will try to do better, but can not guarantee that there is no color difference!
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The head of
This blanket is very old weaving machines, per day per unit of output is very low, it is inevitable that jumper, thread, silk and other imperfect factors, received the goods can be cut off by itself, does not affect the use
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All about cleaning
In the warm water wash, dry clean, machine washable, machine wash, please choose soft file!
be careful: The material dry weather easily has the static softening agent can be cleaned with Pro
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